Thea Stone &The Town Hall

Born in New York, Thea Stone sang for as long as she can remember.

After making the initial cut on American Idol in 2004, Thea Stone flew from New York to LA to continue the competition in hopes of making her dream come true. Up until then, she had played in an array of NYC bands and even opened for Willie Nelson, but the chance to win American Idol would offer her the biggest break she might ever know.

But soon after her arrival in LA, she was cut from the show, ending not only her American Idol stint, but also her dream of making it in the music business. She married her high-school sweetheart, who had come with her to LA, and they moved to Seattle together where she got a job and became a mother.

Cut to 10 years later:

She meets Jim Bianco, an indie songwriter/producer known widely in the LA underground and most recently for his global viral hit Easy Street (featured on The Walking Dead). Jim convinced Thea to sing on a track he wrote and produced called “Something That You Want”. Within a few weeks it was picked up by Grey’s Anatomy and featured in entirety on an episode.

Feeling inspired by her own story and the stories surfacing in American pop culture of other women who felt themselves encumbered by a system that wants to hold them back, she’s on a mission to use her powerful voice to sing powerful songs that deliver a powerful message.