LATASHÁ is a recording and performance artist from New York City. She accidentally stepped into her phenomenal career as a songwriter, recording and performance artist in 2010 and trail-blazed her way on to opening for various acts from Kanye West to Princess Nokia, headlined and toured various festivals and venues from Brooklyn Museum, SXSW, AfroLatino Fest and more. Within her time, she has been able to sustain herself through her poetically manifesting music and story. As a DIY creative, LATASHÁ has found ground through an array of avenues from writing and being the voice for both Maybelline and Ulta Beauty commercials,  becoming the first Hip Hop artist-in-residence at the prestigious artist-run New York City venue, National Sawdust, touring her self directed multimedia performance “Intro to LATASHA” and has been written about by countless media outlets from Brooklyn Magazine to Noisey