About Sugaroo Records

Sugaroo Records is a boutique record label in Los Angeles, California hell bent on exposing the world to cutting edge, infectious and inspiring music using our 20+ year history working in film, television, trailers and advertisements. Our goal is to harness the power of these visual media platforms and use them as a lightning rod to help exponentially increase awareness of the artists and songwriters who create the music. 


‘Sugaroos’ were underground music and dance parties that went on in upper Manhattan, mostly Spanish Harlem and Washington Heights, in the early 1900s in which Jews, Puerto Ricans and Italians would get together late at night, share food, drink and other delicacies from their respective cultures, and play music and dance all night, until the break of dawn.  

Eventually, after too many late night raids by the police, Sugaroos disbanded, left in the dustbin of history, until resurrected by the creation of Sugaroo Music in the later days of the 20th century.